Sir Soren Rickard

Sir Soren Rickard

Sir Soren is the son of the noted Champion Sir Douglas Rickard. Under the guidance of his father and his mentor, the hermit Sir Hugo Canton, Soren has trained under a strict regime since a young age to be a cyber-knight like his father and mentor. The Montana badlands served has his training ground and home until he was prepared to be knighted. There he was instilled with a strong sense of duty, honor, and justice. While not enduring the harsh physical training, he spent his spare moments following his passion of the study of man and his place in history. Soren takes great interest in knowing how and why people live the way they do. As such he developed background in archaeology and mythology.

Sir Douglas focused Soren’s formal training on martial combat. As a champion of several tournaments and many battles, Sir Douglas’ aggressive style refined Soren into a brilliant swordsman. Yet much to his father’s dismay, Soren did not tackle problems jumping straight into combat. Instead Soren favored collecting truths and facts before passing judgements. He saw it as his duty as a cyber-knight to make the correct decisions. Sir Douglas saw this as a sign of weakness. “A great cyber-knight is the embodiment of truth and justice, son. There is no room for hesitation.” his father would lecture him with his mentor sitting quietly behind nodding in silence.

Soren began serving as a full fledged knight shortly before the Tolkeen War broke out. Immediately his father joined the side of Tolkeen to bring righteous fury about the CS and its forces. Sir Douglas told Soren that his dream vision was about to be realized. In his dream, he and Soren fought side by side in a glorious battle to defend Tolkeen and drive away the forces of the CS and the evil they brought with them. It would be one of the greatest feats of a cyber-knight on the field of battle and would be heralded by all the people of the lands.

Instead of joining his father, Soren lingered behind in Montana feigning concerns about the local population. Eventually his mentor, Sir Hugo, would convince him to travel to Tolkeen to meet up with his father to see how the campaign was going. As Soren traveled he found village after village ravaged by the war. On the eve of the Sorcerer’s Revenge, his father made him one final offer to join the fight. His refusal was the last thing he said to his father.

Soren stood aside from the direct conflict and began to help the people living in the war-torn area as the rest of the war played out. He was put at odds against both CS and Tolkeen forces. As the fighting dragged on Soren found himself an unwelcome guest even amongst simple people. The honor of the Cyber-knights had become tainted following the events of the Sorcerer’s Revenge.

Sir Douglas was reportedly slain during the final siege of Tolkeen. Sir Hugo came out of his retirement after hearing the news. So many great knights were lost and in his mind it was due to the split between the Fellowship caused by their brothers refusing to join them in Tolkeen. The weakness of the Fellowship started at the top with Lord Coake. Now it has made its way down to even the new knights such as Soren who turned his back on own his father. It was a weakness that Sir Hugo could not stand by and let eat away at the “true” Fellowship.

In the aftermath of the conflict, record numbers of knights were turning against their code. The Fallen knights and the Blackguards brought further ruin to the remaining knights. The Cyber-knights were now so hated that out-side forces were said be hunting them down. Sir Hugo started to recruit amongst the fallen and forsake knights that fought on the side of Tolkeen. Their weak brothers failed them, but Sir Hugo promised to show them strength. He would restore the glory and power to Cyber-knights by culling the out the weak.

Watching these events transpire, Soren felt great shame being a known as a Cyber-knight. To him it was a name no longer deserving of honor or respect. He believes the knights must go back to their humble and simple roots of service to regain that honor. Sir Soren has made it his crusade to cleanse the knights of this rot and restore honor to the knights. Even if that means hunting down his former brothers now calling themselves the Blackguards or confronting his mentor who blames him for the death of his father.

Soren will not identify himself as a Cyber-knight openly to others. He never introduces himself with the title of ‘Sir’ even amongst other knights in good standing. In his mind he will take the title back when Fellowship has been restored to a position of honor. Instead of holding court or telling tales of his deeds, Soren instead prefers to keep his presence as limited as possible. He will often travel wearing a large duster coat to prevent people from recognizing him as a Cyber-knight immediately upon arriving into a new village.

Although Soren has a strong policy of non-interaction with political powers in the aftermath of the Tolkeen War, he still views himself as an embodiment of justice for a lawless land. Injustice is not tolerated in his presence. He will play the role of judge, jury, and executioner as needed. Soren is generous, but very strict when it comes to these duties. He will spare a foe in combat that yields to trail only to execute him for crimes following a summary trial.




Sir Soren Rickard

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