Physics (Mostly Weapons)

This world is rife with strife and conflict like nothing ever seen before in its history. Even the great world wars had places on the planet where the war did not touch or that people did not feel the need to carry weapons everywhere. Now things are different and knowing what weapons can do and what weapons are best for a situation is vital to survival. Here I have cataloged the various methods of defense and offense. While I wish it was not needed to have these weapons at all it would be lethal not to know what they can do.

Fire arms are still the most common weapon on the planet and while not as effective as other weapons systems they are still useful for hunting and general defense. They come in just about every shape and size and with different ammunition can be very versatile. These weapons do ballistic damage in general.

This ammunition is almost worthless against body armor with any kind of ballistic resistance. Basically it doubles the resistance, but if it hits the bare body it does 50% more damage and automatically causes a vital wound. These rounds are the most useful against unarmored or lightly armored targets and put big holes in people. They do Ballistic Damage

Armor Piercing ammunition is rare and expensive, but it is used by certain criminal and military organizations. They are used to penetrate body armor and bypass Ballistic resistance. While it does this well armor piercing ammo does not translate well into doing damage to the soft parts of creatures. In fact once it hits the body it passes right on through doing only half damage.

Lasers are super powerful and focused energy beams that are amazingly accurate. While they are frequently used the are considered light on damage when compared to the other energy weapons and they don’t have any secondary effects like the others. Unless modified these weapons are single fire only. Some can be fitted with a pulse firing setting firing 3 pulses at once. Others a variable frequency allowing it to overcome laser resistant armor. When fired the weapon super heats the air around it causing a lighting like crack. In addition the laser scorches the atmosphere leaving a trail right back to the shooter. For these reasons snipers hate lasers despite their accuracy.

Particle beams are considered the hollow points of the energy world. They tear and rip flesh and organs just about as gore filled as you can get. Against materials or objects there is not discernible change, but against soft targets the weapons do 25% more damage and has a 30% chance of causing a vital wound. The weapon can be modified to fire pulses and there are rumors of more powerful or deadly modifications.

Plasma is an anti armor weapon. Usually in the form of cannons or rifles these horrible weapons they do more damage to armor than people. This is due to the high heat on armor or in the case of people there is too much water in the tissues to do all the damage. It does 25% more damage to armor and -50% less to soft tissues, but despite the damage reduction its 3 times as hard to recover from the burns and twice has hard to keep functioning after a hit as it is very very painful. There are rumors that modifications have been created. One increases the accuracy by allowing the weapon to be fired continuously. The other the polar opposite allowing the weapon to “spray” plasma in a wide arc.

Ion weapons are not used by most people unless they are hunting borgs, robots, or power armor. While an Ion weapon will harm people and even kill them they are more dangerous to mechanical and electrical devices. The damage is on par with most lasers with out the accuracy, but they real damage is how it effects robots and power armor. Once the target is struck the ion blast has a chance at overriding the system. The more precise the hit the better the change that a failure would occur. So if you hit it in the main body not much change of shutting something down, but hit a sensor node or a weapon more directly then it has a better change. Also more damage bigger change.





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